COVID-19 Response

Stay up to date with our plans related to COVID-19

New Service Time!

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 13

Starting this Sunday, we’ll be shifting our service time to 10am! We’ll have KidStreet up and running, as well as our cafe running at 9:30am.

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday, as we enjoy a socially distanced hang before our new service time at 10am!

Outdoor Service
Weather Plan

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 24

As we head into the Winter months, we want to keep you updated on our plans to help make it possible for our Journey family to gather every week.

Our plan is to continue our 9am Outdoor services as outlined below. However, if wet weather is forecasted for Sunday morning, or forecasted to be below 40 degrees, the OUTDOOR SERVICE will be cancelled.

If and when these decisions are made, we will communicate as soon as possible via Email, Text & Social Media. 

9am is BACK - Starting September 23!

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 16

You heard right – we’re bringing back our 9am service, starting this Sunday. We’re also excited to announce that KidStreet WILL BE AVAILABLE for both the 9am & 11am Services!

Not only are we re-gathering at 9am, we are actually adding some extra safety precautions to this service to make it feel even safer for those who are a little more apprehensive about regathering in-person, including:

  • Service Hosted Outdoors, in front of Journey Building
  • Socially Distanced Seating, and option to BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair)
  • Shorter Service (45 minutes)
  • No Singing (Live Song for Contemplation/Prayer)
  • Same Message as 11am Service

This is IN ADDITION to the safety procedures we’ve already put in place already, including:

  • Upgraded Air Filtration System
  • Masks being worn any time Social Distancing cannot be facilitated
  • Multiple Hand Sanitation Stations available
  • Many Procedures and Processes for KidStreet as well

You can learn all the details and more by clicking the video above. If you’re ready to jump in, and you’re bringing kids, please be sure to REGISTER for KidStreet!

And if you haven’t already, we’d love to hear your thoughts by taking 2 minutes to fill out our Regathering Survey!

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