Journey Ventures

We believe that it is possible for the local church to engage the marketplace in a way that not only provides excellent products and services, but that humbly points everyone to absolute Hope!

That’s where Journey Ventures comes in.

Journey Ventures is our attempt to reach out into the marketplace to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope. These businesses are supported and birthed out of Journey Church, yet function as their own for-profit business. By producing healthy contributors to the marketplace, we hope to provide solutions that the LKN community needs and to use proceeds to fuel and fund ministry.

We currently have one businesses operating under the umbrella of Journey Ventures:

First Fruits Realty

First Fruits Realty

First Fruits Realty is a boutique Real Estate Firm that offers a personal approach to the buying and selling of real estate. Invested in the community as a whole, we strive to build positive relationships with our clients as well as with the community.

Our community focus is driven by our partnership with local nonprofits. A portion of the proceeds from every transaction goes back into the community through these partners.

We feel like this helps make our community stronger and takes what can be a rather stressful task, the buying and selling of real estate, and turning it into a way for people to make a difference in the community in which they live.