Want to Get Started?

We don’t have traditional church membership at Journey, because membership tends to imply privilege and entitlement.

We’re not hating on other churches who have it, we would just much rather PARTNER with you to accomplish the work of the Church together.

Partnering with Journey Church is simple. Partners do 3 Main Things:


At its core, we believe that Partnering brings Community. Being a Partner at Journey provides you a place to belong and be known.

Engaging in Community means that you are able to truly connect with others in a way that builds friendships and provides others to help you on your walk with God. This isn’t just once a week on a Sunday morning or at Group, but rather having others who are willing to help you walk every day to be more like Jesus.

The best way to Engage in Community at Journey is to join a Group. Groups are smaller groups of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, pray for one another, and simply grow their relationships with each other and God.



Volunteers are the heart and soul of our ministry at Journey. While you are definitely serving when you volunteer, Volunteering is what we call serving at Journey on a Sunday Morning or typical church event.

When it comes to volunteering, we want to help you find a team and position that matches your gifts, talents and abilities so that you can truly enjoy serving!

We have a great variety of teams that you can join, and we believe at our core that EVERY POSITION MATTERS! Just like the hand couldn’t function without the heart, every part of the Body of Christ serves a vital role in how we humbly point everyone to absolute hope.



We believe that being good stewards of what God has already given to us and pouring back into His mission is a primary role of a disciple. Simply put, those who want to follow Jesus should trust Him with their lives, including their financial resources.

At Journey, we want you to feel 100% certain that every dollar you give goes to support the work God is doing in the LKN area through Journey Church and our ministry partners. We ensure complete security & confidentiality of your contributions and provide access to our budget & information about Journey’s finances.


Our statistics show that if you don’t choose to Partner with Journey in some way while you’re here, it’s likely you won’t stick around long.

Finding a way to get connected and jump in is imperative for you to find your home here at Journey, and we want to help!

Are You Ready to Take a Step?