Partner Night

Partner With Us

At Journey, we don’t have members or even a membership program. That’s because instead of having members, we want to have Partners who are willing to join with us in humbly pointing everyone to absolute Hope!

If you can’t tell, we think that Partners are a pretty big deal. Not only do we believe that Partnering brings Community, but we believe that we would not be able to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope without every one of our Partners.

With this in mind, we wanted to create an intentional gathering designed specifically for Partners with the intent of keeping us connected, sharing stories, & taking time to dream and learn what it looks like to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope together.

Partner Night was born.


Partner Nights happen a few times a year and are typically on the 3rd Thursday in the month (roughly 3x per year), and you can expect the following:

• Community with Other Partners
• Refreshing, Extended Worship
• A Challenging Message from Matt Dawson (Lead Pastor)
• Free Childcare, up to 4th Grade

Partner Nights are so important to us that we expect EVERY Partner to make it a priority to be there. This regular gathering is key to our ability to collaborate & build momentum as the Partners of Journey.